Basic Rental

At this time we are only able to offer a basic rental where you, the renter, are able to choose aspects of our facilities that will meet the needs of your rental. Our basic rental does not include food, meals, basic supplies or janitorial services. If you choose the basic rental, be sure to review our “Needs Check List” and our “Closing Check List” to be sure you understand what supplies you must bring with you and what procedures you need to complete to properly clean and close up.

Rental Forms

The Main Lodge Building ($250+HST=$287.50 per day)

Dining/meeting hall, kitchen & dish-room facilities, washrooms with showers, two bunk rooms with 7 double-bunks each.

Hennigar House ($125+HST=$143.75 per day)

Two large bunk rooms with six double-bunks each, two small private rooms with one double-bunk each, four washrooms.