The Launch program is designed to challenge and facilitate the personal development of 14-16 year old teens who desire to learn more about how to serve as Christian leaders at camp, in their home, school and church communities. This intense three week program consists of a 5 day canoe trip, a week of intentional training and observing of camp life with the final week consisting of hands on experience in a cabin with the support of a veteran cabin leader.

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The Launch program is where boys and girls learn to become men and women of God - to risk, to dream, to journey for the sake of God's Kingdom, and dare to be inspired. Whether challenging yourself, having fun, growing in faith, or blessing others through your work; the rewards of Launch are second to none!

Application Requirements:

1) Register for camp online through our regular registration system or by completing the paper registration form - Click here to register!

2) Complete the Application Form online by clicking below or print the Application Form and mail it in once completed

3) Have two reference forms completed (not by family members)

4) The Launch Director will contact you once they have received all 3 parts for a phone interview in early-mid June. All three parts (Regular Registration, Application Form and Reference Forms) must be completed before the Launch Director will make contact.