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How likely is it for my child to be in a cabin with their friend that they requested on the registration form?
Kingswood tries to make each camper’s time at camp as enjoyable and memorable as possible. If both your child and their friend or sibling requested each other (mutual consent) to be in the same cabin, we will do our very best to ensure this arrangement. Multiple cabin requests with a group of friends are very difficult to accommodate. There will be plenty of time and opportunities for campers to hang out with their friends even if they aren't in the same cabin.

Are there any discounts for registration fees?
If you send in your registration forms before April 30th, you will receive 10% off each registration for the Early Bird fee. Early Bird is not applicable for theLaunch program. There is a family discount of $50 for every additional sibling who attends camp.  You can receive an additional $50 discount if you tell someone about camp and they register!

My children want to attend the same camp but my youngest is not old enough. Any exceptions?
Please call the camp to discuss different possible arrangements.

We missed the cut off date for registering for a camp. Is it too late to register?
If you have missed the date for registering for camp, call the camp to check availability and to confirm if you are able to register for that specified camp.


Can I send my child mail during their stay at camp?
Absolutely! We actually encourage either e-mails or mail for campers. Campers are always excited to hear from home and have the chance to ‘sing’ for their mail; a fun tradition we have at camp. Please don't actually mail things to the camp. The mail is not checked regularly by the director in the summer. You can however, leave letters with the director, cabin leader or other camp staff during sign in. Please make sure all mail has both the camper's first and last name on it. Do not send snacks!

You can also leave mail/notes/letters for your child during registration with the Program Director in the registration line who will hand them out throughout the week.
E-mails can be sent daily. In the subject please write your child’s name and who the e-mail is from. E-mails can be sent to: campers@kingswoodcamp.ca  
Please be sure to send emails for the specific day by 10am. Campers will not receive mail on Friday if the mail is sent after 10am. 

Can my child send me an update on how they’re doing while at camp?
Campers will have an opportunity to send an e-mail home to their families during the middle of the week if they wish to do so. We do not encourage or recommend campers to call home during their stay at Kingswood to help them remain fully integrated into the program.

How many staff are in a cabin? What is the ratio of campers to staff members?
We always have two paid staff, (Cabin Leaders) in every cabin. The ratio of campers to staff in a cabin can be 6:2, the largest ratio being 12:2. We have 20 paid staff on site throughout the duration of the summer with additional volunteers.

How do I know if my child is successfully registered?
If you register your child online, you will automatically receive an e-mail stating that your registration has been received. Once our Administrative Assistant has reviewed and processed the registration, you will receive a confirmation package by mail or e-mail (depending on the form of communication you chose on the registration form). The confirmation package will state what camp your child is registered for, the dates, and what he/she will be required to bring, including the times for drop off & sign in, and sign out & pick up. Please double check these times and dates prior to your child's camp.

Does Kingswood Camp accommodate special dietary needs?
Kingswood does accommodate for special dietary needs. Please make sure these needs are clearly stated on your registration form. Meals for the week can be found on the website so you know what to anticipate with the types of meals your child will be eating at camp. If your child drinks soy milk, lactose, spelt bread etc, please pack these and give them to the cook upon registration with your child's name clearly marked on the package. 

Is there a refund if my child is sent home early from the camp they attend?
There is no refund if a camper is sent home early due to illness or unacceptable behaviour. Only special circumstances will be taken under consideration. Please call the camp if you have any further questions regarding refunds. 

Do my medications have to be packaged by a pharmacist to be accepted?
In order to provide your child the safest time at camp, we strongly recommend that all medications are packaged by a pharmacist for their duration of their stay at Kingswood. Aylesford PharmaChoice will package medications for $5.00.

Can my child call home if they are homesick?
Kingswood has a number of great strategies to help campers with homesickness. We do not recommend that campers call home if they are homesick as this does seem to exacerbate the situation instead of deflate it. However, if parents request that their child call home when homesick, or if the child is genuinely inconsolable and upset, we do allow campers to call when necessary. 

Can I visit my child while they are at camp?
Unfortunately, parents, guardians, families and friends are not allowed to visit their child during their camp stay unless under special circumstances. We try to fully integrate students into the program to the best of our ability, allowing them to have an ‘escape’ and be fully engaged in the activities that we have to offer.

How does Registration and Sign in operate at camp?
Kingswood Camp is pleased to offer an expedited registration system this year for those campers who are paid in full prior to their arrival at camp. Parents and campers will be directed immediately to where their child will be staying for the week without having to stand in line. All miscellaneous loose ends and questions will be answered with the respective Cabin Leader and the sign-in and registration process will be completed at this time. 

For those parents and campers with remaining fees still owing, upon arrival, they will make their way to the main lodge where they are asked to stand in a line outside until registration commences. Registration is from 6:30-7:30pm for most camps (Please double check the registration time for the camp in which your child is registered). One at a time, parents with their children will be allowed into the Lodge to walk through the registration line. 

Please bring any medication with you at this time to hand over to our Administrative Assistant who will lock it in our office/first aid station. Any remaining fees must be paid at this point, the campers are signed in, receipts are given, campers are given their t-shirts and cabin assignments. Campers will meet their Cabin Leaders for the week and Cabin Leaders will help to get their things and help them settle into camp.

How does sign out & pick up work at camp?
Our closing ceremony starts at 3:15pm and parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. There is a barbecue from 4-4:30pm for campers and families. Please sign them out with their cabin leader in the cabin where they were dropped off between 4-5pm. Don't forget to pick up any medication you sent to camp with your child in the main lodge.

Is there financial assistance available?
Kingswood Camp does have financial assistance available. As well as a number of churches have sponsorship programs to help send kids to camp. If you require financial assistance, please fill out the financial assistance form that can be found on our website and send/mail the form to the camp. We do our best to find ways to bring as many kids to camp as possible.

Does Kingswood accommodate walk-in registrations?
Kingswood cannot accommodate walk-in registrations on the day of the camp that they wish to attend. Please register before the cut-off date, or call the camp to ask about availability for camps if you have missed that date. 

Can we come and visit the camp before my child’s registered camp begins?
Absolutely. If having the child come to the camp prior to when their registered camp begins will help to ease anxiety and provide them a smoother transition, we highly recommend this! Please call the camp to set up a time when you may come view the camp property. We will have paid staff on-site to meet you, as well as provide you with a tour and answer any questions you may have.